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Become a local distributor in your own area. With a small investment, buying for cash and selling for cash without the
expense of setting up a corporation. With minimum bookkeeping. and help the world get healthy with the lowest cost
healthiest organic food in the world. And make a good healthy profit in just a few short hours each week. You will buy
the sprouters at my low cost and sell them at a high profit.


Retail Price of Sprouters $35.00  PLUS SHIPPING

We ship sprouters to anywhere in the world

eMail Tony

A gift of health
There is nothing more beautiful than a "Gift of Health"


Tony Hornick
695 Regency Court, Apt 122
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

L7N 3H9

Phone   905-681-6908

Toll Free  1-800-815-9158
Or contact any one of our Distributors listed below to place your order

The following list of distributors shows names and addresses of persons that are operating our business on a part time basis. They started with a 100 units with only a small investment.  Some of them are already purchasing 1000s of units at a time. Some are selling them to stores and some are selling the units at farm markets and health shows, etc. They come from all walks of life including Sales specialists , doctors, Housewives, and from all kinds of professions where they had a fixed income but are now selling a product that is more healthy than any green product in the world. Some of these Distributors have appeared on 1 hour TV specials.  One Hour programs that they did not have to pay for because of the health importance of our product. And some like the doctors you see listed are promoting the product because they recognize the importance to the public. We call one grown sprout a pill. A pill with no nutrients missing. God and nature misses nothing.
We know that selling this product is slow and that is why our price is as it is. It should be much less to the public and in time that will happen. Its volume that dictates price.



 making people healthy at very low cost.  Purchase our sprouter once in
your lifetime , then only purchase Certified Organic beans from us or
your local health stores.

Hastings, Paul Treacy, 26 Spruce Dr, Cell phone- 0061 415 035 792,  polotrassy@gmail.com


Distributors in ONTARIO
   Aliston, Ernestine Hormann, 69 Victoria St. W., 905-801-5174, info@styriangold.ca
Aurora, Joanne Zadeh, 14689 Bathurst St., 416-414-3314, jozadeh@marketingscents.com
   Barrie, Bozena Pelzner, 705-737-5445 OR 647-627-8450, bozbart@gmail.com
Cathy Nesbitt,
Burlington, Royce Hamer, 877-899-1413,  Royce@Domehome.ca       
   Burlington,  Andrew Wilson andrew. Sales@sproutgrower.com
   Burlington, Geoffrey Chandler, 905-572-0009, gchandlerdesigns@gmail.com

   Cobourg, John Easton & Owen James
, 613-885-5005, EastonJohn@aol.com 
   Fort Erie, 
Martha Willmore, 905-871-4281, hoop@interpc.ca 
   Hamilton, Beau Casa, 905-745-0732,

   Hamilton, Lukas Wesolowski, 905-923-5853, lukas@trysprouts.com
   Kingston, Karla Strehlau
, karla.strehlau@gmail.com          

   Kingston, Thomas Martin TegTmeyer, 613.769.5575   martee1111@gmail.com

   London, Anne Marie Henderson, 226-456-5716, xannemarie@yahoo.com   
   London, Pauline Halstead 647 267 1221 info@sproutingworld.com
Nick, Nancy and Mike Sprague   mn_sprague@sympatico.ca

   Mississauga, Keith Oman, 647-896-6626, KeithOman@Hotmail.com
   Mississauga, Marilyn Batista,
905-302-0200, marilynbatista@live.ca       
Mississauga, Zibby Kozak,  647-853-5846, ZibbyK@hotmail.com  
Muskoka, Four Season Greens, 705-405-0449, info@FourSeasonGreens.com

   Richmond Hill,  Dr. George Grant, 416-562-3140, drgrantwellness@gmail.com         
   St. Catharines,  Nature's Roots, 905-641-5495 , sales@naturesroots.ca
   St. Catharines, Joe & Donna Morgensen
, 905-650-3031, info@lifeinthegreenlane.ca                
   Sudbury, Alive+Fit, 705-586-4256, info@aliveandfit.ca 
   Toronto, Mile Kljakic, 647-215-9379,
   Toronto,  Darren Pitterman
,416-708-7090, dpitterman@hush.com
   Toronto, Crown Cookware Supreme
, 416-243-9333,  David@crowncookware.ca
   Toronto,416-300-5205, Nathaniel Lingard,[commission.my.solar@gmail.com
   Toronto, 416-897-1234, Mike Antopoules, mike art [mikearto@gmail.com]

   Waterford,  Ronald Spears 905-627-7227,   rspears@sympatico.ca  


   Calgary,  Pierre Gagnon
,+1 844 463 6700 Toll-free Canada & U.S.A.+1 403 560 0625    International ,
   Calgary,  Teresa Dahl,  403-606-6814,  235 Bridlewood Circle, SW, T2Y 3L2,

 Nanaimo, Bob Cecil, 250-327-6890, bcecil@mybigpix.com,    
    Lasqueti, Gail Darwin, 250-240-4498, Nikki@lasqueti.ca
Winnipeg,  Scoop&Save Health Foods,  3133 PortageAve
   877-723-3746 sproutgrower@shaw.ca   
Grand Falls, Dr.Daniel Hanscom, 506-473-1555,  djhanscom@gmail.com

Montreal, QC,  Pierre Gagnon, +1 844 463 6700 Toll-free Canada & U.S.A.+1 403 560 0625      International ,


Riverside Estates, Pony Trail, Fred Chlan, 306-220-6626, fredandsonya@gmail.com 

  Mexico City, 
M.A. Lucero Noyes,  upuaut23@gmail.com,  Information to follow.  


    Hawaii,  Honolulu,  Tracey Worth,  808-341-9651,  twinc5@hotmail.com
  Fair Grove, Dr.C.Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., 417-467-2124,   norm@normshealy.com
    New Jersey, Ken and Caitlin Neill, 973-764-8385,  Cel-973-703-4695, neillcar@warwick.net,
New York, New York, Dr. Kazuko, Tatsummura Hillyer, PHD, OMD. kazuko@gaiaholistic.com
New York, Pittsford, Ann Treacy, 585-704-3844, atreaacy@rochester.rr.com

    New York,
Monsey, Brooklyn, Chany Lederer, 845-426-6004, led10952@gmail.com
Columbus, Phillip A.Wilson, 626-200-8454, Momentum98@aol.com; moment98@AOL.com

    Oregon, Oakridge,Ph.D.Jim Namaste,307-529-0810;Jim Namaste jn@therandguy.com    
Pennsylvania, Sylvia Vega-Ortiz, Bright Side Enterprises, 484-688-4605, Skype:  evidentjoy,

Addison, Peggy J.Ploss,  214-415-5626, pegploss@gmail.com

    Utah, Salt Lake City, Lupido, 801-502-6320, 333lupido@gmail.com


The following is a small list of web sites which we have found on the web along with the number of hits when googling those phrases.  And they all show the importance of Sprouts as the most healthy food in the world.  Some say there are as many as 32,000 different  enzymes in one protein.  And others say there are over 30,000 different Proteins found in a human body.  Regardless, I have put very reserved figures on our advertising and say that there are  3000 different Enzymes in each sprout. 560   different Proteins in each sprout, containing every Vitamin known to man. And having most minerals, but not all.

As of July 2015 these were googled and showed the following hit counts in RED.
Sprouts nutritional value 333,000.
Sprouts How to Grow?     6,200.000.
Sprouts History 12,300,000.
What nutrition is found in sprouts 1,560,000
What Vitamins are found in sprouts 1,280,000
What Proteins are found in sprouts 1,590.000
How many Enzymes are found in sprouts 713,000
Are all nutrients found in sprouts 865,000
How man nutrients are found in sprouts11,800,000
Are sprouts healthy when grown in water 3,990,000
Is Alkaline or Acidic water better for growing sprouts 1,130,000
Is soil better in which to grow sprouts 1,430,000|
Is growing sprouts in jars poisonous

What is the simplest way to grow sprouts 285,000

And with all this information on how important sprouts are to nutrition, why do so
few homes grow their own sprouts. It is the least expensive organic food available

on earth. It is usually Organic food of the highest quality on earth.
Please go to the following web article to read what I have said about sprouts and
their value, based on 53 years of eating sprouts on a daily basis.  I am now 86 yrs.