My name is Mark and I’ve been dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome since late February 2017. I’ve never been one to worry about healthy eating or health in general, though lately I’ve been exploring different “brain foods” and have added some to my diet. I do keep active and that has always felt sufficient enough for me. I have been dealing with these issues for so long now I’m willing to try anything that may help me so here I go on a 30 day bean sprout challenge
Day 1 August 21, 2018

Ate a large hand full by themselves approximately 10am and they tasted similar to raw snow peas. Felt no different throughout the day though did not have a feeling of hunger until approximately 4:30 pm. Low appetite throughout the day isn’t abnormal for me so I’ll monitor my hunger daily. 
Day 2 Aug 22/18

Again ate large handful by themselves at approximately 9:30 am. Today my PCS symptoms were unfortunately very active. Earlier morning construction outside my widows was very loud which forced me to deal with various degrees of headache for most of the day. Also dealing with nausea throughout the day with majority of my bouts during my therapy workout. No real feelings of hunger throughout the day, ate supper just before 8 pm. 

Day 3 Aug 23/18

Again a large handful at approximately 10 am. Not a lot of sleep and construction woke me with a headache. Had a fairly good day at therapy with some successes and felt like a snack at 2 pm. Became very tired and no energy again around 4 pm had to go home and fend off construction noise. Regained some energy with a nap around 5:30 and was able to go out to local establishment for chicken wings. Finding no real changes as of yet but sticking with the beans to start the day. 

Day 4 Aug 24/18

Exhausted today due to a migraine last night did not allow for much sleep. Again ate a large handful at approximately 10 am. The day was mostly a waste until after a nap where I was able to regenerate and take care of some business later in the day. I have not yet noticed any significant changes that I could attribute to the beans as my PCS symptoms seem to still overwhelm my life.
 Day 5 Aug 25/18
Consumed a large handful of beans just after 9 am this morning. Very little sleep again last night made for a lot of my PCS symptoms to be quite prominent again and slept most of the day. Have noticed no real changes how my body or mind feels as of yet.
Day 6 Aug 26/18

A good solid 6 hour sleep last night though I slept until late morning. Ate a large handful of beans again as soon as I woke just before 11am. Felt good throughout the day yet still hit a wall of fatigue around 6:30pm. Had a 15min nap and was able to function the rest of the evening just fine. 
Day 7 Aug 27/18
Large handful at approximately 9am this morning. Some new exercises at therapy which flared up some symptoms today and hit the wall of fatigue around 5pm. Was able to get a second wind and avoid the nap and function for the evening. No real noticeable changes yet. 
Day 8 Aug 28/18
A horrible night of minimal sleep not falling asleep until 6:30am and up at 8am. Ate a handful of bean sprouts around 9am and had to cancel my therapy appointment today. Fell asleep late morning and slept until late early afternoon. Most of the day was a waste. 
Day 9 Aug 29/18
Actually had not a bad sleep last night. Had early morning therapy appointments and forgot to eat the sprouts before I went. Not a lot of energy at therapy which I believe I can attribute to forgetting to eat my morning sprouts. Ate a large handful when I got home and it seem to give me some energy for the afternoon. I hit the wall of fatigue again around 4:30 but was able to catch a second wind without a nap today. Am I noticing some change?
Day 10 Aug 30/18
Pretty busy day but good day today. Large handful early morning, good workout at therapy, had to make a trip to the bank and my employer. Hit the fatigue wall again around 7pm but was able to avoid the nap. Was a pretty lazy evening but a good evening. 
Though I have gone periods of days without nausea since the accident I don’t recall a whole week without. Will continue to monitor but I think I may be feeling some improvements from the daily bean sprouts! 
Day 11 Aug 29/18
Large handful again this morning though I woke up with an upset stomach. I think I may have ate some kale a couple of days ago which I’ve always had problems digesting. I still hit the fatigue wall today though I was able to avoid a nap. Looking forward to getting to Rib Fest this evening. 
Day 12 Sept 01/18
Large handful of beans again this morning. Stomach still upset today and feeling pretty fatigued too, though I did attend Rib Fest and expected today I may feel this way. I was able to avoid a nap today though it was quite difficult. Looking forward to a good sleep tonight.
Day 13 Sept 02/18
A large handful of beans again this morning, these beans are not very tasty though. Had the water main break into the building yesterday and I started the grow cycle between the temp repair of the water main and the repair. There was some evidence of some dirt coming from the tap at this time and the beans have seemed to acquire the taste. Very tired today due to late night family emergency therefore I wasn’t able to avoid an afternoon nap.
Day 14 Sept 03/18
Still eating the dirty tasting beans this morning due to my next sprout grow isn’t ready until tomorrow morning. Still very fatigued today since my sleep was thrown off the other night. I’m finding my stomach irritation is gone today and this I would have to attribute to the beans. I have been mistakenly kale or some other form of leaf that I have trouble digesting for years and it’s usually at least a week of discomfort for me, and with attacks of quite severe pains. That discomfort was diminished greatly and only lasted for 3 days with minimal pain attacks. 
Day 15 Sept 04/18
A large handful of tasty beans this morning! It seams the water you use can really affect the taste of your beans. My sleep patterns are a mess and I could not get to sleep last night. I have to still attribute difficulty sleeping to the messed up sleep last Saturday night. Not a very good day at therapy either as my fatigue is flaring up all my PCS symptoms except the nausea which I have yet to feel again since day 2 of eating mung beans. 
Day 16 Sept 05/18
Again only 2 hours sleep before having to get up for my therapy appointments. The large handful of beans was very tasty again this morning after the dirt beans I had over the weekend.  Another very hard day at therapy and actually just a very hard day all together with the fatigue factor. All my PCS symptoms were very prominent today including nausea though it was a very mild case which I still believe is the effect of the beans. My previous experiences where my PCS symptoms were as flared up as they were today I would not only have been dealing with severe nausea but also dealing with vomiting. 
Day 17 Sept 06/18
A large handful of sprouts again this morning and got ready for my appointment in Toronto today. The rides to my previous Toronto appointments have always exaggerated my nausea symptoms by the time I’ve reach the hospital. This trip was much improved though I still had some minor stomach turning, it was quite bearable. It was a very long day today and was still very exhausted by the time I reached home in the evening. 
Day 18 Sept 07/18
Large handful of sprouts again this morning. No energy today, but that it is not out of the ordinary the day after I have appointments in Toronto. I find I’m starting to get cravings for the sprouts throughout the day. I have not yet started eating them throughout the day but the cravings would suggest to me that my body is liking the sprouts! 
Day 19 Sept 08/18
Forgot to start my next grow in time so unfortunately I have no sprouts today. Not feeling different without the beans other than having a craving for them.
Day 20 Sept 09/18
Fresh sprouts ready for the morning today so back to the large handful routine and worked a lot of the day on a project I have on the go. Since the accident I’ve had trouble focusing for long periods of time and the onset of headaches when researching. These issues unfortunately drag out projects such as the one I’m currently engaged in. Today I was quite happy with the amount of time I was able to put towards it before my symptoms started become prominent. 
Day 21 Sept 10/18
Forgot to eat my sprouts this morning before going to therapy. I really noticed the difference in how much energy I had for my workout today. I was pooped out by the end and very hungry. Ate my bean sprouts when I got home which seemed to satisfy my appetite until supper. Supper was the only full meal I ate today. 
Day 22 Sept 11/18
Back to my large handful of sprouts first thing this morning. Construction was pretty loud today which increased my tinnitus which in turn started affecting my other PCS symptoms. Stomach did stay settled though and my appetite is good. 
Day 23 Sept 12/18
Large handful of sprouts to start the day again today. Another very loud construction day, spiking my tinnitus and throwing everything else off really making me feel blah. My balance was absolutely horrible at therapy today. Stomach felt good through the day and my appetite was good. 
Day 24 Sept 13/18
Large handful of mung bean sprouts again today. The work my therapist did on me has really flared up my PCS symptoms in the later half of the day but my appetite is still pretty good. It clicked for me today how consistent my appetite has become since starting the beans. When first starting the bean sprouts for breakfast, my appetite was all over the place, sometimes not feeling hungry until late afternoon. I find now I get hungry consistently around noon for a smaller meal and I am ready for a smaller meal again in early evening. 
Day 25 Sept 14/18
A large handful of sprouts for breakfast again today. Must have spoke too soon about how good the bean sprouts have been for my stomach. The work my therapist did yesterday has my PCS symptoms shooting through the roof today including the nausea and vomiting. 
Day 26 Sept 15/18
Feeling a lot better today and back to the bean sprouts this morning with my standard large handful raw to start my day. Some of the symptoms I was dealing with yesterday are still lingering but no nausea today and my appetite was back to the schedule I noticed a couple of days ago. I will continue to monitor.
Day 27 Sept 16/18
Did the standard large handful of sprouts again this morning and symptoms have been very subdued other than fatigue. All in all it has been a good day getting my workout completed, appetite back to the schedule. I was also able to do a good walk later in the evening at a good pace. 
Day 28 Sept 17/18
Same old large handful of raw sprouts first thing this morning. A good workout at therapy today but hit the fatigue wall really hard around 4:30 pm and ended up dosing off. Stomach still feeling good today and appetite was right on schedule as expected. Was able to get another good walk in this evening hoping it wears me back out so I can get back to sleep tonight. 
Day 29 Sept 18/18
Nice fresh handful of raw sprouts this morning to start the day. It was a pretty tough day at therapy and I felt it in the afternoon. I was able to avoid a nap though it was a tough task to accomplish. Later in the evening I was able to get another good walk in. 
Day 30 Sept 19/18
Large handful of sprouts to start my day again today. Today I woke up feeling remnants of yesterday’s therapy session and it was a very stressful day also which really flared up all my PCS symptoms though my stomach felt good. No nausea whatsoever which has never been the case when my symptoms have been so prominent.

After 30 days having bean sprouts for breakfast I honestly believe they have effected me for the better. They are not an instant cure all but they have helped decrease some of my PCS symptoms. Though I have always been an active person the sprouts have made me think about the rest of my diet and healthy living regarding what is going into my body. Since I’ve been dealing with my medical issues my weight was going up even though I work out for a 20 minutes minimum each day. In the last 30 days that trend has turned the other way and have started losing weight again to the tune of 5lbs this month. If the sprouts do nothing else I believe they do great things for your digestive system. If they do that, you would have to think with all the rest of the nutrition said to be contained in the sprouts you can’t go wrong. 

With feeling better and the minimal cost for breakfasts this months I will continue to make the mung been sprouts a daily ritual. 

And cost of one month of breakfasts was only$10.00.



My name is
Diane Jackson []
My ongoing persistent health issues are as follows.
High fasting blood sugar Toe nail fungus that I have tried everything for Poor sleepm, Hair  loss, Vision deteriorating, fatigue, Overweight, predominantly belly fat Dental caries and bone loss in jaw
,I currently use no medications. I find traditional medicine broken and corrupted.

We are sending the sprouter to her today along with 2 lbs. of beans which are approximately 14,000 green seeds ( multi-vitamins She will eat these in smoothies and at least 3 large tablespoons of
sprouts every morning for breakfast. No other food.

Day 1 Dec 29, 2018 I had 3 tbs sprouts plus 6oz ozone water and 1/16tsp Healthy Salt for breakfast. Lunch at 12 noon was 6oz Coconut milk yogurt plus 2 tbs sprouts and a splash of organic maple syrup. Dinner was Chicken Salad and crackers. I had a slight headache all day and was very hungry when I finally had dinner at 7pm. The night of the 29th I slept very well which is a rarity
Day 2, Dec 30,2018,



































































































































































































































Please send us your name, photo, address and the name of your illness and we will then send you a free Sprout Grower along with 2 pounds of beans which are approx.4,000 Natural Multi-Vitamin Pills
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