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Healthy male 74 from India, academically Ph.D & Post-doctoral research in Chemistry, several research papers
to my credit, 45 years+ of experience in industrial research / development / quality & systems management with multi-nationals and fortune 500 company. I therefore try to judge any new concept on its technical merits and not by stories alone.

Letters he is mailing to Tony each day he eats breakfast and relates how he feels after he has the sprouts for breakfast.

This report is to be done for at least 30 days, daily . You can reach the Doctor anytime by sending a letter to him via the following eMail adress: "  mks45@rediffmail.com "

Here is a list of nutrients in one Mung Bean Sprout. And we do believe there are many more we still know nothing about. Its what God and Nature has given us. You can see the NUTRIENT list by CLICKING HERE. There are approximately 7000 Mung beans in one pound and they are grown in almost every poor hot country in the world. in which farmers get paid as low as 1 cent to 5 cents per pound. We could feed the world for practically nothing.
Tony has been eating Mung Bean sprouts for 53 years.
ONE POUND provides one month of Green Food.

Letter #1, August 5, 2018.
Today morning, empty stomach I ate my first Mung sprout meal without any additives.
Quantity: 150 pcs or 21g having moisture of around 50%. On dry basis it is 10 g mung. I found it crisp & crunchy with a little green odor but pleasant in taste. No untoward feeling or blenching. Till 1 pm I felt stomach-full feeling. At 4 pm ate another sprout meal of same size
Letter #2. August 6, 2018.
From today I have decided to take sprout meals twice a day. Morning meal mixed with a spoon full of sprout cheese for improved protein content and maple syrup for sweetening. It tasted better. Afternoon meal was mixed with green salad.
Letter #3, August 7, 2018.
Today I am experiencing some pain in the stomach and was in dilemma whether to continuing taking sprouts or skip it but I have decided in favor of continuing with it. I ate sprouts two times today. Let me see what happens tomorrow
Letter #4, August 8, 2018.
Although today my stomach is not in perfect condition, I did not skip eating my mornin gmeal of Mung sprout. I will also eat my afternoon dose. Reason being my belief that sprouts do not have any harmful constituent, if these are germinated in hygienic conditions. My stomach pain is under control and is not increasing.
Today I have weighed myself: 157.5 lbs. to keep a track of it while eating Mung sprouts.
Letter #5, August 9, 2018.
No deterioration in my upset stomach condition. In fact is getting better. This confirms that Mung sprout does NOT adversely affect stomach ailment. Today I ate both Mung meals. In fact now I am getting habitual of it and enjoying it. Eating sprouts is not spoiling my appetite for other items. I am maintaining a gap of 1/2 hr before & after for eating /drinking any other item. This done to get full absorption of useful constituents of Mung sprouts.
Letter #6, August 10, 2018.
This new journey of growing and eating mung sprouts and I am impressed with the encouraging results. Yesterday too I ate 2 meals of sprouts and today my stomach is back in normal condition.
Letter #7, August 11, 2018.
Continuing with my regular 2 meal schedule of eating mung sprouts. I feel fresh and energetic as compared to earlier days before I started this experiment on me.
Letter #8, August 12, 2018.
With respect to body agility I am feeling little improvement. I realized this when going up-stairs or getting in/out of the car. I now have to make lesser efforts compared to same activity, 10 days ago.
Letter #9, August 13, 2018.
I like hot tea instead of coffee. I crave for a cup of tea after getting up from sleep. Tea provides caffeine which stimulates the brain. I am noticing that now my craving for tea has diminished and that may be related to regular consumption of green Mung sprouts. I am not saying that a cup of tea is bad but I needed it to become fresh & alert. My dependency on tea is diminishing.
Letter #10, August 14, 2018.
I continue to eat 2 meals of Mung sprouts each day.
I am a vegetarian by choice. I believe in eating everything but in limited quantity. These days my food uptake seems to have gone down by about 10%. If this continues like this, I may notice trimming my body weight. This would be clearly known after 10 days from now. I would rejoice if it happens without making concerted efforts in this direction. Today I weigh 157 lbs.
Letter #11, August 15, 2018.
Kinds of sleep: none/very little/disturbed/normal/sound. Sleep is closely related to stress & anxiety. I used to get disturbed sleep. Of late I am noticing a change in my sleep pattern, shift is from disturbed to sound. I could relate this shift to my regularly taking mung sprouts. I tend to believe that Mung sprouts contains some chemical which lowers stress anxiety.
Letter #12, August 16, 2018.
Being an Indian I have been used to eating spicy food. Of late I am observing that my eating preference goes to those preparations which contains very little spices. Not relishing thick spicy gravy is a new phenomena to me.
Letter #13, August 17, 2018
While surfing I am now experiencing better concentration on the subject of my choice. This is a good sign for continuing in my technical / professional discipline.
Letter #14, August 18, 2018
While surfing I am now experiencing better concentration on the subject of my choice. This is a good sign for continuing in my technical / professional discipline
Letter #15, August 19, 2018
Around 1st June, 2018 I had developed acute lower back pain. After a week sciatica type of cramps & pain got added up in my left leg. On 16 June I was to take a flight from Mumbai to Toronto, no option was available to me except taking 7/8 physiotherapy sessions.These sessions did not provide any major relief to me. Pain- killer medicine was only a temporary relief. Today I find that both kind of pains do not exist at all. It is quite possible that regular consumption of mung sprouts has helped overcome my problems of back pain and cramps in my left leg.
Letter #16, August 20, 2018
These days I do not get tempted to eat more food in any session, even when the preparation is good. Frequency of tea/coffee has also reduced. Still I have not developed the taste for salt & spices free food. For this reason Japanese food at Hibachi in Burlington was not enjoyable to me. Contrary to this I do enjoy cold raw mung sprouts without additives. One may not like the Raw sprout's taste initially but after a few days it becomes likeable.
Letter #17, August 21, 2018
The habit of eating mung sprouts appears to be paying me. I do not over eat which is keeping me alert and give feel good feeling throughout the day. For past few years I am having knee pain problem on account of osteoarthritis which is a degenerative knee joint disease. It causes pain and swelling on and around knee. Mung sprouts eating has so far not shown any improvement in my knee problem, may be because, I am on sprouts only for 2 weeks now. I can only hope for improvement after long time.
Letter #18, August 22, 2018